Symbols of Aspiration

The are 20 Million American-born children of immigrants living the U.S. They are American, but the label doesn't quite seem to fit.

Most Second-Generation Hispanics feel tension between two opposing cultures. They become an overlap between their school environment and their home culture. Its a battle of Identity for these 20 Million Americans and each and every one of them have their own definition of being American. They are more than numbers, more than the reports that analyze their educational attainment and economic standing; they are symbols of aspiration.

The First Degree Generation

This new generation of young Hispanics represent the new challenges in higher education. The First Degree Generation are these students who are first in their family to seek success in higher education. They face more challenges and opposition that their Third Generation counterparts. HSF’s primary focus in 2012 was to help this First Degree Generation students overcome the barriers of information and financial resources. Our vision is to see this new generation succeed beyond the classroom and see them become successful precedents for future generationsSymbols of Aspiration.

HSF's Mission

Our mission is to seek the betterment of Hispanics through higher education by providing financial assistance and information to students and their families.

“I see it as, this is something that my parents did and they came here for me to do something better.”
Cristian Gonzalez,
1st Degree Generation

To Our Community

At the beginning of the fiscal year, data from the 2010 U.S. Census informed Americans of the size and relative youth of the U.S. Hispanic population, showing Hispanics to be over fifty percent of all U.S. births during the decade. One in every four public school (P–12) children is Hispanic, and yet Latinos trail all other ethnic groups in college degree attainment. Since our founding in 1975, we have been dedicated to one goal: increasing the number of Hispanics earning a college degree. We raised and awarded more scholarships to more individuals than ever. We launched a campaign to place a college degree in every Hispanic household. And, as the year came to an end, we launched an exciting, new strategic plan that will begin in April 2012 and ultimately lead to improved results and increased impact. With all of these wonderful advances, much work remains to be done. We—board and staff—continue to be committed to the mission of strengthening America through the academic advancement of Latinos. We hope you will join in Generation 1st Degree, the campaign to place at least one college degree in every Hispanic household


Frank D. Alvarez
President, CEO