A toy for the elderly

Notts is a product designed to assist the elderly who are suffering from Alzheimer's Disease and dementia. The toy is a catalyst in building and retaining memories via the sensation of an individual "Nott".

The Benefit of Play

Sensory stimulant activities are some of the most effective ways to help elderly suffering from dementia. As the disease progresses, eldery regress into a similar mental state as an infant child. Notts incorporates the science behind child sensory toys in order to help them exercise their brain the same way a developing child would.

How it Works

Through a process of trial and error, Notts were carefully designed to be comfortable in any one's hands. They are light-weight and easy to handle with magnets sewn into the sidewalls to allow the user the opportunity to connect multiple notts for greater stimulation of the mind.

Making Connections

Notts can only be purchased through this website. We not only provide this product but remain active for a cause in partnership with the Alzheimers Association. 10% of all sales are donated directly to the organization.

Share your Stories

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Making Connections

Notts primary goal is to ease elders dementia, but more needs to be done to fight Alzheimer's diseas.