One donor can save up to eight lives.

Organ donations can save many from fatal organ failure. Most solid organ and tissue donations come from cadavers, or donors who have died. However, there are a number of things living donors can donate. You can make a difference now or later.

Behold your overlooked possessions.

Through your eyes,

you view yourself, others, and the world.

Light is refracted through the corneas of the eyes allowing for your vision.
This ability of sight is compromised or nonexistent for the blind and vision-impaired. However, tissue donations of corneas can replace unhealthy and diseased corneas that commonly cause blindness and blurred visions. Corneal transplants can preserve and restore sight.

Ears capture voices, vibrations and sounds,

allowing you to hear and listen.

Through passage of the middle ear, sound waves are transferred into vibrations.

Complications arise when ear infections block the middle ear, which can impair hearing and cause deafness. However, healthy tissue donations of the middle ear amplify sounds into the natural hearing pathway. Middle ear transplants can preserve and restore hearing.

With these possessions of yours, you are one.

You as one have the ability to assist a fellow human to become one. What you hold is valuable—whether you aid someone today or someone in the future.

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