Alejandro Banegas

Hola. I'm Alejandro Banegas, an animator trapped in a graphic designer's body. Never afraid to think outside the box, I bring a variety of skills, from origami to motion video. When I'm not designing, you can find me at the basketball court.

Amanda Bell

I'm a lifelong learner of graphic design constantly being driven by outside forces and inspiration around me. I have a multitude of styles, though I am very much drawn to the aesthetics of hand drawn typography. If I'm not designing, I'm either drawing, being crafty, or singing and playing music.

Leah Brening

I am Leah Brening. In kindergarten I wanted to illustrate for Walt Disney, by middle school—a fashion designer, by high school—an architect, but one thing remained, I wanted to create. I now feel that I’m closer to my childhood dream than any other. I am a Graphic Designer, a conceptual thinker, who believes that design should have a strong visual story. I enjoy incorporating texture into my design; I feel it allows for more depth and narrative.

Ashley Cole

Hi! I’m Ashley. Visiting far off places is what I enjoy. From eating crepes in Italy to accidentally ingesting a guinea pig hamburger in Peru, I love experiencing new things. Throughout my travels, I have been able to see all different styles of design. I try to take what I learn in other countries and put it into my work. One day, I want to go to New Zealand, but until then, I’ll count the sheep in my dreams and pretend I’m there.

William Greenshield

I consider myself to be kind of a mad scientist. I’m always experimenting and finding new ways to create. I love designing for the material world and how one interacts with it. I’m always thinking of interactions, from how a person interacts with a screen to how they find their way through a room to reach it, and what they gain from that interaction. It’s all a connected experience and that is what I strive for.

Greg Jackson

Hey, I’m Greg. My passion for design and the creative process runs deep. I’m a sucker for illustrations and identities. There's always something new to learn, and plenty of room for pushing the envelope. Most of my inspirations come from subcultures, lifestyles, graffiti, movies, and music. Nightwolf out!

Zainya Khan

Hi there! My name is Zainya Khan. I feel like Graphic Design is a world of its own. Giving one the power of always being different in every project and never being repetitive. Constantly requiring one to expand their own culture and to research ideas within a creative process. There is always so much more to learn and return. Being from a culture that is so enriched with colors it reflects in my personality and art work, along with great attention towards typography, textures, grids and layout.

Stella Limuel

Hello! I'm Stella, a newcomer to Houston. I came to learn the goodness of graphic design from the country mostly known for paradise resorts and Obama's schoolmates. For me, design is a fascinating process that has the power to engage both the designer and the viewer. I am deeply attracted to the beauty of rendered form and type. While designing, I like to tune into two robots making music, and when I'm not, I often find myself drawing, crafting, or finding wonders of the world.

Candice Loud

Greetings! My name is Candice Loud and my last name reflects my personality. I am obsessed with neon hues, the universe, and all things unique and unusual. Life is my inspiration. When designing, I enjoy merging different styles and mediums from the past and present to create my own distinct solution. I would like to pursue public interest design because it allows me the opportunity to exploit my passion for the greater good.

Laura Martinez

Hola! I’m Laura, design is an engaging and never ending learning process for me. What I enjoy the most is being able to communicate an idea across different mediums without relying on verbal words. I love design in all of its forms.

Andres Moros

I am Andrés Moros, and I am a graphic designer. I enjoy doing illustrative works since drawing is an important part of my process to create. I like to do motion graphics and websites, as well as layout design for apps and user interfaces.

Alina Nusrat

Hello, my name is Alina. I believe that good design can make the world a better place. I enjoy designing with attention to detail and a desire to connect with others through my work. I also have a deep passion for creating illustrations.

Luis Perez

I'm a fun and enthusiastic designer that loves the beauty of simplicity. I find myself exploring the beauty of typography and colors. I design from the heart; I make sure my designs tell the story through my eyes in the most beautiful way. From print to interactive design, I always try to push myself and my concepts.

Jairo Razo

Hello. My name is Jairo and I like to think. I think for the sake of thinking and often times, I find overarching themes that apply not only to design but also to life... or at least I think I do. I photograph and document many things that interest me out of pure curiosity and later on, I attempt to incorporate these images into my designs. Join me on this journey, I'll be your spiritual guide. #designforabetterworld

John Mark Reamer

I am enthralled by all things creative and am captivated by designs that wow. I have a compulsion to create, whether that be through music, photography or any form of visual design. I believe that every project has its perfect style and structure and when you find it, something special can happen.

Averegine Riguerra

Living in Houston. From the land of the morning. Following her dream. Buddy of the good. Butt-kicker of the evil. Afraid of the dark. Lover of all skulls. Fanatic of cute creatures. Die hard of textures. An open swipe file. Refreshed by a well-kerned font. Detail is a must. No pixelation. Always a design maker. I’m Averegine.

Katie Smetherman

Hi! I am Katie, born in Houston and raised in Kingwood. Food and graphic design are my fuel. You will always catch me eating some sort delicious treat 80% of the time. I find inspiration from every aspect of life and pull that into my work. In my off time I am trying new food, hanging out with friends, or reading Peanuts comic strips.

Jennifer Wong

Has design ever made you smile, laugh, or think about things you should have, but never bothered? I love that design gives you so many opportunities to explore, and affect people in a multitude of ways.

Gabrielle Young

Vivacious, typography obsessed, and with eclectic passions, I’m a designer that enjoys bringing back tradition with a contemporary edge. I dare to be creative, unique, and inspired. Did I mention I love to crochet? I am Gabrielle, hear me roar!



  • Alejandro Banegas
  • Amanda Bell
  • Leah Brening
  • Ashley Cole
  • William Greenshield
  • Greg Jackson
  • Zainya Khan
  • Stella Limuel
  • Candice Loud
  • Laura Martinez
  • Andres Moros
  • Alina Nusrat
  • Luis Perez
  • Jairo Razo
  • Averegine Riguerra
  • John Mark Reamer
  • Katie Smetherman
  • Jennifer Wong
  • Gabrielle Young


  • April Ayugat
  • Dawn Baxter
  • Yu-Lin Chen
  • Jose Cruz
  • Susan Dastaran
  • Francisco Delgado
  • Megan DeMaranville
  • Andrew Freestone
  • Andres Garcia
  • Estefania Gonzalez
  • Camille Domangue
  • Sasha Ichoonsigy
  • Kathleen Kennedy
  • Michelle Lam
  • Jonathan Lopez
  • Crystal Pham
  • Maria Ramirez
  • Sarah Salazar
  • Katie Schockney
  • Corbin Spring
  • Alex Tomic
  • Dan Vo



  • Cheryl Beckett
  • Beckham Dossett
  • Sibylle Hagmann
  • Fiona McGettigan


  • AIGA
  • Aquent
  • Black Swan Screenprinting
  • Coca-Cola
  • Karbach Brewing Company
  • No Label Brewing Company
  • O-K Paper Company
  • Summer Street Studios
  • Workhorse Printmakers
  • Vitamin T



2500 Summer Street Building 3
Houston, TX 77007


1. Go down I-10 West heading towards downtown.
2. Exit Taylor Street and turn right on to Taylor.
3. Drive down Taylor while passing the Amegy Bank and the Target sign.
4. Summer Street Studios will be the street right after Crockett St. Turn right onto Summer Street.


1. Go down I-10 East driving away from downtown.
2. Exit Taylor Street and turn left on to Taylor.
3. Drive down Taylor while passing the Amegy Bank and the Target sign.
4. Summer Street Studios will be the street right after Crockett St. Turn right onto Summer Street.